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The Causes and Effects of Teenagers Using Drugs


Message: Our message is that drugs can be harmful to your mind and body; they can take you to your end. Also those drugs can come in various ways like a beer, a cigarette, even marijuana and crack. Drugs makes some teenagers suffer HIV by either sharing needles or by having a promiscuous sexuality. 


What will your documentary do to present your message?

Our documentary will have some music with images and some talking with tables.

SUBTOPICS: Why? How? Where IT Comes From? Consequences! (Of drugs)



Interview with a Drug addict in Rehab:


(This is an interview that I made to a teenager in a rehab center; her name has been change to protect her confidentiality) I enter to the patio where she was sitting, I was afraid that my questions will hurt her. I asked her to do me a favor and I told her about the teen life project, she immediately agrees when I told her she could save teenagers from the drugs. She was really nice and she is a sweet girl, this helped me to loosen up.www.proyectomarea.com . If you want to comment on my blog she would be able to see the comments. This post is a dedicatory to the kids in MAREA and especially to Andrea...


Have you ever used an illicit drug?




Which ones?




How old were you when you try for first time drugs?

Thirteen and right now I am sixteen



Why do you think you start using drugs?

I had troubles at home with my brother, he punch me several times because I arrived late to my home



Did you parents say anything?

They weren't home



Did someone push you to drugs? Whom?

Yes a friend of mine told me that it will take away all my problems



Do you remember how you felt when you used drugs? How was it?

Yes, everything made me laugh, I had a lot of hunger and was a bit sleepy (euphoric)



What was your first drug?




How was it after you consume?

I had a headache, I consume every time I had troubles



In your family somebody use drugs? Who?

Yes, my two older brothers



When you started your rehab how did you felt? Now?

Bad, insecure, I was afraid because I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it

Now I feel great, more confident, positive and the feel of guilty totally disappear



What is the thing you like the most of quitting to drugs? What is the worst?

That now I feel better with my self and I don't have that much conflicts, the worst is that leaving the drugs is tough; sometimes you really want to use them



What is your dream?

My dream is to buy a house to my mom, get off drugs and study veterinary



A message to all the kids in the world would be...

To never ever try drugs...


-When we finished the interview I thank her, she had saved a lot of teenagers through her story. I showed her my blog and I gave the web site of the rehab center were she is and it is.



Worrying Teen Statistics


Teen statistics on Drugs and Cigarettes:


Teenagers whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don't, yet only 1 in 4 teens’ reports having these conversations.


  • Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among young people.
  • Alcohol kills 6½ times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined.
  • Youth who drink alcohol are 50 times more likely to use cocaine than young people who never drink alcohol.
  • 40% of those who started drinking at age 14 or younger later developed alcohol dependence, compared with 10% of those who began drinking at age 20 or older.
  • 65% of the youth who drink alcohol report that they get the alcohol they drink from family and friends. 10% of teens say that they have been to a rave, and ecstasy was available at more than two-thirds of these raves. 
  • Although it is illegal to sell and distribute tobacco products to youth under age 18, most underage smokers are able to buy tobacco products.
  • Underage drinking costs the U.S. more than $58 billion every year – enough to buy every public school student a state-of-the-art computer.
  • 28% of teens know a friend or classmate who has used ecstasy, with 17% knowing more than one user.
  • By the 8th grade, 52% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes, and 20% have used marijuana.
  • In 2000, more than 60% of teens said drugs were used, kept, or sold at their school.
  • 50% of high school seniors report drinking alcohol in the past 30 days with 32% report being drunk at least once in the same period.
  • Most people begin smoking as adolescents. Among youths who smoke, the average age of initiation is 12.5 years of age.
  • Drivers age 21–29 drive the greatest proportion of their miles drunk. (Miller et al., 1996c) Traffic crashes are the greatest single cause of death for all persons age 6–33. About 45% of these fatalities are alcohol-related crashes.


1 Partnership for A Drug-Free America 2 Substance Abuse: The Nation’s Number One Health Problem 3 National Survey of Substance Abuse Attitudes, Feb. 2001 4 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (these statistics were taken from a statistics page)


These statistics really worries me since the young people of today are the future's adult. And as a teen I have seen other teenagers smoking and drinking.

Perhaps, if we really work together in this project at the same time as we learn we can teach the other teens how to prevent, learn how it affects your brain and how to talk to other people about the issue. Teenagers need positive leaders that are made from flesh and bone like them. Let's all work together to combine our points of view to teach others what we have learn.

If you have information, opinions comments don’t doubt to comment on me. I promise I will try to respond to you, so please leave your blog addresses and wait for my comment.



Meth Use


In this documental that I saw meth epidemic, the most important issue is methamphetamines illegal production and distribution in the U.S.A. In Oregon there is the mayor concentration of meth distribution and use. We can see that as the rising number of adults using drugs the earlier that kids in that atmosphere will try drugs. The people that produce this kind of drugs use cold medicines and other household items to do the drugs. If maybe the government restring some of the medicine that is sold with out a medical prescription it would be easier to irradiate the drugs from the streets. What do you think? How is it in your country? Please post on me to let me know your point of view.



John Smith, a Tragic True Death


(This story was taken from an interview with Dr. Christian Ayola, *medical surgeon, biological psychiatrist specialist, health services management specialists*)(For more info about Rehab click here)

Drugs are a big problem around the world. Kids from all ages and social status fall in the hands of this true monster. A good example is John Smith (his name has been change for keeping it confidential). John starts using drugs socially at age 14. He was a sweet kid but he started having mood changes; his attitude toward his parents totally changes. His parents were so busy assisting to social meetings that they miss all the symptoms of drug using. His dad was in that moment the owner of the most popular club in their country.

John starts using the drugs even when he wasn't in a meeting. His social circle change and he start hanging out with some strange guys. He asked for money to his mom and she never said no. At age twenty his parents took him to a mental institution in Austria. He start improving, even showing some signs of inters in his recovery. He was discharged since he had improved a lot. He came back to his original country and back to drug use.

In these weird places he heard from some friends that Colombia was the drug's paradise. He asks for some money to his mom who gave it to him. He immediately took the next flight to Colombia, Cartagena.

When he arrived to Cartagena he rented an apartment in Laguito. John had crazy nights, parting with coke and marijuana. One night, he had a psychosis break down. John started destroying the apartment, his neighbors called the cops. When the cops hand copped him they took him to my parent's clinic to rehab.

His worried Dad had been searching for him, some of John’s friends told him he was in Colombia. His dad took a flight, talk with the police and then with my dad and then called John’s mother and told her the exact location of their son.

John started recovering, he learned Spanish, and he even gained weight. (He was cute, so he looked gorgeous when he starts to gain weight and workout.) He was happy and proud because he had left the drugs behind. In four months he was discharged from his rehab. He was back to his country, after three months he started using drugs again.

John one day took cocaine, dissolved it into water and injected in his arm.

He died of an O.D. at age twenty-four and that was all.



Teen and Drugs; How to Understand the Drug Issue:


(The website I visited in order to get this info is really easy to understand and it is based on facts if you want to visit it click here.)


Why teens use drugs:



Most teens have the erroneous idea that drugs will make you feel happy and forget all your problems. Many times teenagers are just pressure to use them, or they want to call other people's attention. Other times the teenagers just think that drugs will put you more alert or they will make you a better athlete, but that is not true. Drugs just mess you’re live and yes you will feel happy and relax but when the effect passes the trouble sensation will be even worse. Have you ever it a lot of candy and that make you hyperactive? Well after you have burn all the candy energy you are tire, cranky and sleepy. Sometimes people even faint after eating too much candy. I know pretty well how it is; it had happen to me on two Valentine's Day and one Halloween. Well kind of are drugs, except that after the buzz is over in the only thing you can think is in how to get more.


Where teens get drugs from:



Teenagers usually get their drugs from people they know, like their friends, relatives, friend's relatives, daily day people, but some teens use home drugs. Home drugs are drugs that are found in daily items like cold medicines, psychiatric medicines like Prozac, xanax, ect. These drugs are call methamphetamines. Other places to get drugs are drug dealers in school or at social places, a good way to prevent drug use is to avoid staying late were you suspect people sell and/or buy drugs. Some drug dealers even paint cute things on drugs so they could sell them to innocent kids.


What are the most popular drugs:



The most popular drugs are ecstasy, heroine, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, crack, nicotine (tobacco, cigarettes) and last but not least alcohol. Many kids think that because the drug is legal or easy to get it won’t hurt them, but all drugs have their side effect.


What is the effect of drugs on teens?:



Most drugs affect the brain, heart, and kidneys in a permanent way; other like marijuana affects the liver. Many drugs lead to terminal diseases or to mental diseases like psychosis, schizophrenia, and paranoia, others may cause trouble in thinking and problem solving. Alcohol is a depressant that may lead you to death and cigarettes have a substance called nicotine. Smoking can cause heart failure, lung cancer and even emphysema.


How do you know someone is on drugs?:



There is more than one way to know if someone is on drugs. If the person is cranky or have many mood changes, if they want to over sleep, if their head is in outer space, if they cough or sniff to much they may be using drugs.


What friends and relatives can do:



If you think you know someone or are related to someone that is on drugs you better talk with a responsible adult that you feel comfortable talking with and tell them what you think and why. The best thing to do is to talk with that person and offer them help. If still that doesn't work sik for professional help.



Drugs reaches Cape Town, Africa



From: Stephanie- Mr. Hide's Class



In Cape Town, their is a drug among teens and kids called in the United State 'crystal myth', which is a powerful drug that makes you feel active, alert and a feeling of being strong. This drug is called tik in Cape Town. That drug makes you see families tearing out, bulling in schools, crime, violence and much more.


You can find it in every corner. Some girls are selling themselves, or in other words being a prostitute for the tik in a straw. These drugs are sold in a piece of straw which are melted with both ends and filled up with tik.


A girl who was in rehabilitation for drug addicts was consuming this drug with a group of friends at school, in 2003. She said that the drug was awesome. That you could feel the rush till your toes and made you feel agitated. She said she could talk all the time. For her, the comedown is horrible. She says that she could feel her stomach being ripped out, and she returned aggressive. She beaded her brother and sister, and swearing to her mom and dad.


Some addicts are up to ten, or even much younger! The girl said that he tik was really destructive, not only the people who use it, but also the family.


This drug had been through all Cape Town, this city is ruled by gangs and unemployment’s that are reached up to 80%. Some teenagers sell tik to support their family or steal money, cloth, and everything they look that they like.


Methamphetamine is no longer used by Americans, but in Cape Town, this growth has been explosive. Some people say that tik had grown dramatically. Every year it increases, as it decrease the years of the people using it...


The drug that makes you feel good had been published its ingredients on the internet for people to do it on their homes.


Teens say that this drug makes you feel really good, as if you had were really 'relaxed'. This drug just has what teenagers want. This drug had been returned into middle-class drug. It’s really cheap and everyone can buy it. If you start using it at 15 years old, you would be probably spending 8 $ a day, and for years later, 100$.


For some users, this drug causes irritability, insomnia, confusion, tremors, convulsions, anxiety, paranoia and aggression. This drug is related with HIV 'cause of teenagers behavior sexually.


            We've seen a dramatic increase in tik use in the past couple of years,"

            Said Grant Jardine, director of the Cape Town Drug Counseling Center. "It is

            Increasing every year, and the age at which people start using is getting

            Younger and younger each year."


What I think of this information called "Drug takes toll on Cape Town's teens" was really surprising because it tells all the story of how teenagers life in Cape Town, which makes me see a bad image of that city as a poverty one. This article really concerned me and surprised me also because teenagers are consuming this drug since 10 years old and much younger.


I want to lead my path on what I had learned of this to teenagers, so they realize how people had lived and how they had wasted there money, and much more bad things.








Here is a poem that I came up with about drugs. I know that it needs to be edited and so I thought that maybe you could help me and add in anything that you feel is needed.


A drug is a bullet,

Killing from the inside,

Lethal like cancer,

Slowly consuming,

Hurting from your own pleasure.


It’s alluring howl,

Arousing your eardrum,

Calling you closer,

Beckoning you,

Wanting you to put your life in its profound hand.


The formidable glow,


Like emeralds to your eyes,

Green with envy,

Of all that is good in the world.


The rugged texture,

Tormenting your tongue,

Eroding your cheeks,

And causing your lips to smart,

Yet thinking every minute together is precious.


A vulgar perfume,

Breezing across your face,

Aggravating your nose,

Causing you to grimace,

Inflamed at your own idiocy.


It’s repulsive sweetness,

Cascading down your throat.

Infuriating your stomach,

And confusing your brain,

Helping you cause your own unhappiness.


By Hannah Brodie


Anna: I thought that your poem was very strong and it really stood out to me. What you said in your poem is so true. Drugs really make people think that they are feeling better, when really they are breaking them down and bringing them closer and closer to death. Awesome job Hannah=)



Hello every one,

I am Emma ad I just joined this group because there were no other spaces.

I have come up with a poem about peer pressure and drugs because as I read the interview I started to think that maybe peer pressure is one of the main things that play a role in the influence of taking drugs!

Here it is:












Success and










Peer pressure drugs

From: Alex 


Hey there. My name is Alex and i chose this topic because i know someone who started taking drugs when she was a teenager and it really screwed up her relationship with her family. She has stopped now, but still is not in contact with her family, dispite all thier efforts to talk to her. I really want to educate people on how disasterous drugs can really be, not only to your health, but also to the people who love you. I had an idea for a picture. I want it to be a mirror with powered sugar (because it looks like cocaine) on it and next to the mirror would be a hand (like someone was lying next to it). It would be in black and white. I thought that it would look really interesting and go nicely with Hannah's poem.

Well tell me what you think.

Any changes or other ideas would be great.


The Estranged You



Gazing up with pleading eyes,

You take a brief look around,

The street is desolate,

You feel the base from inside the house,

Like an extra heartbeat.


You pop the pill into your mouth,

A smooth swift movement,

A vile taste fills your mouth,

But, you think, all for the best,

As the handle clicks open the adrenaline pumps around to a new heart.

A small step over the threshold,


There is your body,

Loud and proud,

But your mind has been taken over,

No more memories of the previous night,

Those memories forgotten, if only for forever. 

Parading through the house,


To find your trusted friend,

Shy and smart, she looks at you,

Politely she say hello,

Introduces you to other people and departs,

Her last look is troubling.


You depart from the party, 

So hyper you can hardly walk,

Sleep seems a long way away for you,

But as home draws nearer,

Sleep seems heavenly,

Opening the door, a figure looms out of the darkness.


The blows hail down,

Cold and hard,


With nothing for your body to run on,

You wait for the blows to stop,

Opening your puffy eyes, the face of your attacker is close,

The familiar face of your own brother, smirking with pleasure at his own handiwork


well this is hannah here,

thought that this poem might be able to go with the interview that nora's interview.

tell me what you think as i know that it needs some big changes.




By: Hannah



Hey there, I have three proto-types for the picture I was talking about earlier. I am going to email them to you.  Just tell me which one you like best and any changes you think I should make. I put in black and white because I thought it would go well with the mood of our subject.






Sickly sweet, small.


Able to control all emotion.


The throbbing bumble through you,

Your intoxicated self distracts others,

Smiles laughter and disgusted looks.


Everyone loves you,

Their frowns are smiles in your eyes,

As they slowly abdicate.


Your ultimate high has vanished,

Moved on like your guests,

You are a rusty old Ute.


Once used then chucked to the side,

Bashed and made useless,

By those who think they own you.


Doing what the rest of your family does,

When they are not feeling abominable,

So that they can take out their anger on someone else.


First it was your dad,

Soon your mother and brother followed,

Now you take it out on someone else too.


Everything that’s ever happened to you,

Is now your little brothers fault,

Hunting him down like he’s a savage beast.


Finding him,

Giving him what you deserve,

Satisfied you prance away.


These occurrences that you said you would never do,

 Now seem like your only way out,

And you cherish every minute of it.


As your family starts to deteriorate,

You gradually break down,

You have nothing.


A fine young soul,

Now a wasteland,

A god life now a dump.


Well this poem is supposed to be a message poem and I am hoping that it will portray someone who uses drugs and who is using them because her family does. Also that she was bashed by her mom, older brother, and dad because they use drugs and she said she never would, and then she did and she has done the same thing to her younger brother. I hope you like it feel free to change or comment on it.







By: Emma




Inhaling death

Like a toy

Spreading it throughout

Your body


Putting your money

In the wrong place

Entering the dark world

Leaving reality behind


Taking more every time

Just to feel good

To fit in

A group of devils


Turning into one


Trying to be



Not wanting to be


Or helped

While dying slowly


Though the victim

Thinks it is normal

Liking the feeling

Though they know it is wrong


Getting sick

When they don’t take anything

Sometimes wanting to stop

When rethinking the situation


But the toy is too strong

Has a strangling grip

As it hypnotizes your body

Telling you what to do


Taking it

Until it is too late

Trying to turn back

But you are caught


Sent to jail

Then getting free

Hunger forces you

To take an over dose


Finally death ends

The struggle

For ever

And ever…


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