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Welcome to the International Teen Life Project!






The purpose of this project is to have teenagers from different locations around the globe exchange their thoughts and perceptions of what their lives are like. By viewing, reading, and listening to the perspectives of others from around the globe, we hope that you will gain a greater perception of the similarities and differences of people's lives around the world.  In this project we want to give you an opportunity to explore issues, and work intensely to gain a clearer understanding of concerns that people have in the world.



There are three other main pages on this wiki:



First Questions and Thoughts


This is the page that students did their initial thinking and brainstormng about topics that concerned them and teens in their nation.




This page is where the students "officially" organized themselves into their project groups. It also features links to all of the pages where students from all of the schools placed their research, planned for their videos, debated such things as music for their projects, etc.




On this page you will find links to two podcasts about this project and notes from a live Skype call that we held between three of the four schools.



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