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First Questions and Thoughts

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This page is for your first thoughts and your first questions. As we are getting setting up for our first Skype call which will bring three of our four schools together, this is a space for you to place your thoughts, your questions, and your wonderings about the lives of teens around the globe and your questions about the lives of the students involved in this project from the other nations involved.


Mr. Raisdana's Message


Hello all! This is Mr. Raisdana

I wanted to start by saying how excited I am about this project, and I also wanted to say how impressed I am by all the great questions you all have already raised. As I was looking at them all, I thought it might be a good idea to organize them into categories. That we way you can have a better idea where your interests are. Feel free to change the categories or add new ones.

I also thought it would be a good idea to link your blog to each question if you are going to be discussing it in your blog. That way others will know which area you are interested in and they can contact you. Furthermore, you may want to make a link to your name when you are asking the questions too. So that people can contact you directly to answer your questions, or to let you know that they have answered them. See the example below for what I mean.



For example- if you are going to discuss this question:

Do you like where you go to school? (Anna/ Mr. Fisher's class))

Mr. Raisdana Susie




You would add a link to your blog with your name under the question. That way people can contact you directly to discuss the topic further.




Bringing About Change/Importance of working as a Network or Group


·Do you think we can make a difference in the world? (Elaine Mr. Fishers class / Ramzi Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Do you think this is a good way of concerns? (Elaine Mr. Fishers class / Gino Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Do you like the idea of sharing our concerns? (Elaine Mr. Fishers class)

·Do you think over all our concerns are close or the same even though we are from different parts of the world? (Elaine Mr. Fishers class)

·Do you agree with the community's way of living (how much they pollute, how fast they drive, the amount of violence, ect.(Kate Mr. Fishers class)

·How would you and your community start to help poor people who are suffering from poverty? (Adrian Mr. Raisdana's class/ Josh Mr. Raisdana's class/ Sarah/Mr.Raisdana's class)

Is the food and water supply in your place safe? (Mr. Fisher's class)

·What is the climate like in your place? (Mr. Fisher's class)

·What are the dangers in your community?(Mr. Fishers class)

·What do you do to help keep your community clean? (Mr. Fishers Class)




·Is cancer a major health issue in your area? (Brittany Mrs. Baber's class)

·Is your health there good?(Randy Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Do have a lot of doctors there?(Randy  Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Do you grow some of your food?(Randy Mr. Fisher’s class/ Gino/Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Where do you get your water from?(Randy Mr. Fisher’s class/ Jed/Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Are then any major health issues where you live? (Toni Mr. Fisher's Class)



Physical Environment


· What is the effect of having so many animal farms in an area? (Amber Mrs. Baber)  

·Do animal farms affect the quality of our water? (Ashleigh Mrs. Baber)  

·Do you think that global warming will harm your environment? (Dustin Mr. Fishers class/ laurent/Mr.Raisdana's class) 

·What do you use for transportation?(Randy Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Do you like where you live? (Katie Mr. Fisher’s class/ DanielB/Mr.Raisdana's class/ Mitchell/Mr.Raisdana's class)

·Is the place where you live different from other people's homes?(Katie Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Does your community provide good services, like police and fire departments? (Anna Mr. Fisher's class)

·Is the crime rate in your community quite low? (Anna  Mr. Fisher's class)

·What do you like about your community? (Ashley H., Mr. Fishers class/ Daniel B /Mr.Raisdana's class)

·What would you change about your community?(Ashley H., Mr. Firsher's Class)

·What's your favourite part about living where you are? (Kate Mr. Fishers class/ DanielB/Mr.Raisdana's class)

·What is your community like? Do you enjoy living there? (April  Mr. Fisher's class)

·What are your favourite hangout places in your town/city? (Tyler and Dustin Mr. Fisher’s class/ Farouk A/Mr.Raisdana's class)  

·Are there a lot of crimes committed where you live? (April  Mr. Fisher's class)

·Is there a lot of traffic where you live? (Josh Mr.Fisher's class)

·Do others help when help is needed? (Ashley.M Mr.Fisher's Class)

·Is there any way you think you can reduce the pollution and/or crime? (Ashley.M Mr.Fisher's Class)

·Is it safe there for kids to walk on the streets?(Ashley.M Mr.Fisher's Class/ Mitchell/Mr.Raisdana's class/ Adrian/Mr. Raisdana's class)


Political Environment


·How is the government in your nation set up? (Mr. Fisher's class)

·Dose your community/town/city have a well organized government? (Tyler and Dustin Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Do you like how the government works in your community?(Katie Mr. Fisher’s class)




·How far advanced is your technology in your place? (Derek Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Do you have any difficulties communicating through technology? Sarah/Mr.Raisdana's Class

·How much technology do you have in your place? (Matthew Mr.Fisher's class)

Are you concerned about technology in 3rd world countries? (Joo Keng Mr.Raisdana's class)



Class (How much money the population earns and/or has)


·Is poverty a big issue in your place? (Derek Mr.Fisher's class)

·Can poverty be found easily where you live? (Daniel T. / Mr. Hide's class)


School Environment


·Do you have a big school or do you have a small school? How many kids go to your school? (Amber/ Ms. Baber / Eduardo/Mr. Hide's class)

 In your schools do you have to wear uniforms? If so what do they look like? (Amber/ Ms. Baber)

·What would you do if your school was "under construction"? (Ashleigh/ Ms. Baber)

·What’s your favourite thing about your school? (Tyler and Dustin/ Mr. Fisher’s class)

·How do you feel about school?( Mr. Fishers class / Ramzi/Mr. Raisdana's class /Myles/Mr. Raisdana's class)


Daniel B/ Mr.Raisdana's class

·Do you have good education?(Randy/ Mr. Fisher’s class)

·Does your school put on a lot of extra curricular activities or after school programs for you? (Anna/ Mr. Fisher's class)

·Do you like where you go to school? (Anna/ Mr. Fisher's class)

·Is your school run well?(Katie/Mr. Fisher’s class)

·What's your favourite part about the school there? (Kate / Mr. Fishers class)


Eduardo/Mr. Hide's class

http://hana.learnerblogs.org/Mr. Raisdana

·Does your school have appropriate sport fields? (Daniel T. / Mr. Hide's class)


Arathi/ Mr. Raisdana's class


·What is the school like that you go to? (April / Mr. Fisher's class)

·What do you think is the purpose of going to school? (Steve/Mr.Raisdanas class)



Social Environment


·Do you go on dates? And if so where? (Ashleigh and Amber/ Ms. Baber)

·Do you have any special places where you and your friends can go and have fun? (Anna/ Mr. Fisher's class) (DanielB/Mr.Raisdana)


Roberto/ Mr. Hide's class


Roberto/ Mr. Hide's class

·If you do have special places where you and your friends can go and hang out, how often do you go, and how do you feel afterwards? (Fraser / Mr. Raisdana's class) (DanielB/Mr.Raisdana)

·What do you do on the weekends?  (Margui H./Mr. Hide's class)

·What are your main activities that you do daily? (Roberto A./Mr.Hide's)

·What do you do when you get home from school? (Luis Carlos U./Mr. Hide's Class)





·                          Do you have a certain religion that you have to follow?( Katie/ Mr. Fisher’s class)

·If you do follow a religion, what is it like? (Katie/Mr. Fisher’s class)

·What certain things do you have to do for your religion? (Ashley H./ Mr. Fishers Class)

·How does your religion(s) affect your daily life?(Natalia y./Mr. Hide's Class)





·Do you have certain foods there that we don't have in places like where we live?(Katie/Mr. Fisher’s class) Jed/Mr. Raisdana's class

Ramzi/Mr. Raisdana's class

·What kinds of food and drinks do you have where you live? (April / Mr. Fisher's class)

·From where do most of the food in your place come from?(Natalia y./Mr. Hide's Class)

·Is the water where you live safe to drink? (Paula/Mr.Hide's class)

·From where does your food and water come from? Is the water is clean? (Naty B./Mr.Hide´s class) 


Natural Environment


·Do you hunt in your countries? (Brittany miss.Baber's class)

·What kind of wildlife and plants do you have where you live? (April  Mr. Fisher's class / Mitchell Mr.Raisdana's class)

·What are the temperatures like where you live: high, low, or in between? (April  Mr. Fisher's class)

·What environmental concerns are there where you are living? (Toni Mr. Fisher’s Class)

·Are animal poachers common or rare in the area where you live and how do you feel about animal-poaching? (Arathi Mr. Raisdana's class)


Sarah/Mr. Raisdana's class

Ann Nee/Mr. Raisdana's class



·Is global warming affecting where you live? If it is then how is it changing your current home? What can we do as a community to slow down global warming? (Adrian Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Was Malaysia affected by the Tsunami? (djjds-zone.blogspot.com/ Mr. Hide's Class)

·Is the water supply where you are decreasing? (Jed Mr. Raisdana's class)

·What are your thoughts on the over usage of Earth's resources? (Alex Mr. Raisdana's class)

·Is your environment suffering because of pollution? (Fredrik Mr. Raisdana's Class)





· What language(s) are spoken where you live? (April / Mr. Fisher's class)

·How does your language differs from other languages near you?(Natalia y.Mr. Hide's Class/Mitchell Mr.Raisdana's class)


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